New Canva Video Background Removal Tool And How To Use It – Canva Pro Feature Update And Review For 2022

Remove Video Background Using Canva

After the Canva Video Editor feature introduction in 2021, Canva recently took the world by storm again with its video background removal tool. This tool is helpful for content creators and people who want to be creative with videos and are looking for new things to make their video content more powerful. 

Canva Pro users can use this feature for professional purposes, like creating educational videos with a solid background or selling your products with a black or white background to make them stand out. Additionally, you can try it on any of your YouTube videos or Tik Tok videos you’ve created to maximize the effect of your content. I’m sure this Canva review will show it to be one of the best new features of Canva.

When is video background removal useful?

Canva Pro video background remover is a graphic tool or design tool that deals with changing or removing the background of the videos. There are several times where Canva Pro video background remover is proved useful, and some of these include:

To Avoid Any Distraction

If you are a commercial content creator, graphic designer, or someone who’s just promoting their product on different social media platforms, then the Canva Background Removal tool is great for you. With this tool, you can remove all the irrelevant things from your video background, so the viewer only focuses on the main content and doesn’t get distracted. By providing a transparent background, Canva lets you add a background that is now fully customizable.

Besides, if you are a seller on Amazon, eBay, or other platforms, then the Canva Background Remover tool is helpful. You can use it to remove the background from your products’ videos or stock photos to make the features more prominent. Canva, as your new graphic design tool, can now replace more expensive options like PhotoShop or Adobe Illustrator.

To Make the Content More Catchy

Another reason to use the Canva Background Removal feature is to make your video content catchy. People usually watch and focus on things with a regular or solid background compared to those with an irrelevant or messy background. 

To Make Your Video More Trustworthy

It may surprise you but removing your video background and a white one makes your content look more credible. A solid background will give your content a trustworthy and believable look, whether you share useful information about a certain topic or showcase your product from different angles. So, utilize Canva video editor and background remover when you create with Canva for this purpose and ace the digital world. 

To Remove Unwanted Objects 

The best use of the platform’s Canva Pro Background Removal tool is removing all unwanted objects from your background. When you make a video, irrelevant or unwanted objects also get recorded, which can impact the overall quality and seriousness. That’s where Canva Background Remover helps you, so use it and remove all the unsolicited things from the background with one click.

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How to Use Canva Video Background Removal in Professional Way?

Note: Canva Video Background Removal is not available using the free version of Canva; well, just like the photo background remover, this feature is going to be paid, so you will need to be subscribed to a Canva pro version. You’ll need either Canva pro, teams, non-profits, or Canva for education to be able to access the video background tool remover.

The new addition to Canva Pro Video Background Removal makes removing backgrounds a simple process that requires only a few clicks, eliminating the need for layers and another complex design wizardry normally associated with other professional software to create a design. This makes creating beautiful videos much easier and faster, allowing users to focus on their creative vision.

As I said earlier in this detailed Canva review, Canva has introduced an amazing new background removal tool for video. It’s easy to use but provides advanced background removal capabilities. Below, I’ll explain how you can use Canva to remove backgrounds from your images professionally.

You can easily remove your background from videos using Canva by following these steps:

Step 1: Choose your desired video clip for background removal

The only first thing you need to do is Click on the Upload button in your media library menu on the left bar. You will default land on images, but you can go for videos by clicking the left button. Here you will see your uploaded video collection.

If you want to upload a new video, you may click on the upload files button on top, locate your video to upload and bring it back to the video editor. Another solution is to choose from Canva’s library of stock videos.

Step 2: Click or Drag the Video into the editor

Once you choose your favorite video for background removal. All you have to do is click on your desired video, or you can simply drag it into the video editor on the right panel. It will take a few seconds to buffer your video (it depends on the video quality).

Step 3: Using Canva Video Background Removal

Just like we do in image background removal, the Canva video background removal works similarly. To initialize the background removal, you need to click on your video, and once you click on your video there, you will see edit video. Here you can choose the background video remover simply by clicking on it.

The removal will remove your background from videos in a single click, but as I said earlier, the processing time will depend on your video size, quality, and resolution. So in case it is large, this will take more time to process.

You will likely be pleased to know that video background removal offers you the opportunity to change the background of videos if you know how to change the background of an image in Canva. With one tap, you can choose hundreds of templates from the library and change the location of the videos.

Step 4: Save Your Canva Work

Canva makes it easy to save your work in an MP4 format. Later you can resize it, add different graphic elements, or add text with Canva’s huge library of fonts.

Why use Canva’s video background remover?

Many reasons answer this “Why use Canva video background remover?” So, let’s discuss a few of them!

Canva Background Removal tool is highly efficient and flexible. It caters to all the needs of the user and provides them with the best quality videos. This tool isn’t only limited to removing and replacing backgrounds with solid ones. Instead, content creators can use several natural and funky backgrounds during video creation to make their content more relevant. Besides, with Canva, you are saving both your time and money. 

Canva’s video editor and background remover are cost-effective compared to other video editing tools, and its user-friendly interface helps you to edit and save the video within seconds. You can also try live backgrounds available at the Canva store to give a more realistic background look. If you are reluctant about whether you should use Canva or not, you can try Canva’s Free 30-Day Trial to design your videos. This is not available on other video editing platforms and makes Canva more valuable. 

Where is the video background remover found on Canva’s site?

When you open Canva on your PC or phone, you will see the toolbar at the top of the screen. By clicking on it, you will be directed to many options. Choose the editing option, and there you will find the video background remover option. All you need to do is to click on it and proceed with your video or image editing. 

How easy is it to use Canva’s video background remover?

Canva isn’t a complex tool, so even if you are a newbie, don’t worry. You can easily master the art of using Canva’s online tool and design your videos like a pro. However, I have listed the step-by-step procedure to make the video editing and background removal feature easier for you. So, let’s get into the details:

●       First, log in to your Canva account through any search browser.

●       Select a template for your video, any particular size or shape. It depends upon your needs; whether you want a horizontal or a vertical video depends on your needs.

●       Next, upload and drag the video over the template. 

●       Go to the toolbar option at the top and select “editing.”

●       There, you will see the “remove background” option. Click on it, and the previous background will be removed immediately. 

●       Select any background of your choice, adjust it, and download the video to post immediately!

Do I need to upgrade to Canva Pro to use the video background remover? 

Yes, just like you need a Canva Pro account to remove the background from an image, you also need it to remove the video background. However, as I mentioned earlier, Canva offers its users a complimentary 30-day free trial to analyze the tools and what benefits Canva provides them. This can help them in subscribing to a Canva Pro account. On average, a Canva Pro account costs you $14.99/month, which isn’t a lot compared to the benefits you can get from it. 

When you subscribe to a Canva Pro account, you either use it for yourself or go with “Canva for the team,” “Canva for Education,” or “Canva for Non-Profit.” Don’t know what these are? Here’s a detail of each category of the Canva Pro account:

Canva for Teams

This is useful for businesses that want an online design tool to design effective content, and create presentations or social media graphics. With the Canva design platform, small businesses can create logos, appealing product videos, and social media posts. In contrast, large businesses can use it for marketing their content and creating branded videos. Around 3000 people can use a “Canva for Teams” account at once to give shape to their unique and creative ideas. 

Canva for Education

According to Canva, they value education a lot, and that’s why anyone having a registered primary and secondary education center can contact their support to get free access to Canva pro. This helps schools to generate quality video content with solid backgrounds to teach students better. 

Canva for Non-Profit

If you have a registered Non-profit organization, Canva offers you free access to its premium online graphic design tool so you can generate better video content and make a greater impact.

Final Verdict:

So if you’re looking for a way to remove a background from your video, Canva has you covered! Canva has made removing backgrounds easier than ever with their new video background removal feature, so make sure to check it out if you need help getting that tough background off of your footage!

You’ll need to upgrade to the pro account if you want to remove a background from your video with Canva. The free to use version of Canva doesn’t have this feature yet.

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