How To Curve Text Using Canva

Learn To Curve Text Using Canva

One of the great features in Canva is the ability to curve text. Both the free version and Canva Pro have this feature. Today, we’ll explore how to curve text using Canva.

First, Let’s Add Some Text To Our Screen

On our design canvas, we can click on ‘Text’ in the left sidebar or use a Canva keyboard shortcut by typing ‘T’.

Next, Click On The ‘Effects’ Button

This will open the effects menu on the left. After clicking on ‘Curve’ in the menu, an initial curve is set to start with.

Adjust Amount Of Curve

Next, you can adjust the amount (or degree) of curve by dragging on the slide bar.

Curve Text Using Canva Slide Bar Adjust

You Can even reverse the curve if you drag the slide bar past the center point. Now you can style the text as usual…change color, size, position, rotation. You can also add any of the style effects without affecting the curve itself.

Curve Text Using Canva Slide Bar Adjust

Combine Curved Text

You can even combine sections of text to create different effects. In this example, we created a ‘Wave’ effect by combining three sections of curved text.

Curve Text Using Canva To Create Wave Effect

Watch The Video Tutorial:

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