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Image: Make Square Dance Flyers Using Canva

Square dancing is a great way to get active and have fun. In this mostly post-Covid setting, it’s the perfect time to start planning your square dance events. And what better way to promote them than with some eye-catching flyers that you can personalize yourself?

Not everyone has expensive graphic design software like PhotoShop, Adobe, or PowerPoint, but a free tool like Canva makes it easy to create professional-looking flyers without spending a lot of money or time learning complicated software. In just a few clicks, you can choose a template, add your event details, and start customizing…and you can even add your own photos, designs, or logo. Plus, you can browse Canva’s pre-designed templates and fonts that you can use to make flyers.

So why not give it a try? Creating square dance flyers with Canva is fast, easy, and affordable as there are 100+ Canva dance flyer templates available to choose from.

And don’t forget, besides event flyers, you can also design posters, invitations, newsletters, and announcements in any size using the free version of Canva!

Square Dancing, A Brief History

Although the origins of square-dancing moves originate worldwide from different cultures, it was really formalized in early America. Square dancing is a social folk dance having relatively simple (or basic) repetitive steps. The dance usually comprises of four couples, eight dancers in total, arranged in a square, with a couple on each side, who face the middle of the square.

The basic steps in square dance movements are as follows:

The caller leads one dancer at a time through a series of simple steps in a sequence that are called squares. A western square dancing consists of four basic mainstream steps: left foot forward, right foot forward, left hand down, and right hand down.

Five Fun Facts About Square Dancing:

1. Everyone Can Do Square Dancing.

Modern western square dance is a great way to get out and have fun. No matter what your age or skill level, you can dance with others in a friendly atmosphere. There are no age restrictions on square dancing in the US or anywhere in the world, so anyone who has an interest in square dancing can become a square dancer at any age and can start with beginner classes.

2. Not Everything Is Square.

An ideal formation consists of four couples arranged in a square. This American folk dance includes many types of square steps. The four couples use moves like the Right or Left Grand to change partners continually. The goal is to give everyone a chance to dance with everyone and to break the ice for those who may be a little shy about asking others to dance.

3. It’s Fun To Do Square Dancing!

Square dancing is fun for everyone, and it’s easy to learn. It doesn’t have a required dress code, but it can if you are celebrating a certain theme.

Square dancing is great for parties and family get-togethers. You can dance with friends and family members of all ages, from kids who have just learned to dance moves to grandparents who are still learning the traditional square dance steps. Some people have been known to include their fur-kids!

4. No Dress Code Is Required.

No dress code is required for doing square dancing. Modern square dancing is an informal social dance that does not require formal wear. If you’re feeling fancy, wear a nice suit or get dressed in your favorite costume. But it’s not necessary!

5. You Can Practice At Home Too.

There’s no reason why you should only go to an actual dance if you want to practice square dancing at home first! All it takes is downloading an app onto your phone or computer where you can find live dancers from around the world teaching their favorite songs and dance steps.

Maybe you want to design square dance flyers or invitations to invite others to practice with you until you feel you are ready for a real event!

Square dance glossary of terms

·        Circle Left: Each dancer joins hands and walks in a circle to the right

·        Allemande Left: Face your corner, grab your partner’s left forearm and circle until you face your partner again; drop your arms.

·        Do Si Do: Step past your partner, touching shoulders on the right, and without turning around, back up and step past the left shoulders until you are facing each other again.

·        Right and Left Grand: Walk past your partner with your right hand, then alternate with the people approaching you until you meet your partner. When you reach your partner, stop.

·        Promenade: In skating positions, couples take hands with men on the lady’s left side and behind her and walk counterclockwise until you return to the home position.

·        Swing: Couples rotating a full 360 degrees or until facing the line of dance. The swing ends with the man twirling the lady under his arm.

·        Roll Away to A Half Sashay: The gentleman will assist the lady by rolling in front of them, ending with a handholding circle. 

·        Ladies In, Men Sashay: Women will walk into the middle, curtsy and shout, yelling “Whoo”, while men walk over to their right side. 

·        Pass Thru, Separate, and Go Home: Walk around the other couples (in reverse order) until you reach your home (starting position).

·        Weave The Ring: Walking in a circle, starting with the right shoulder. Reach your partner.

·        Box The Gnat: Put your hands together. The woman turns left under the man’s arm while he goes behind her and ends up facing the other way. Never let go of hands. 

·        Wrong Way Grand: Same as right or left, but the other way.

Design Square Dance Flyers with Canva:

Using Canva’s easy-to-use design platform, you’ll see your square dance flyer come to life on your screen. The free account allows you to choose from various designs, such as flyers, dancing flyers, printable square dance flyers, blog posts, social media posts, and more. Canva allows you to print flyers, posters, and invitations from home or the workplace directly over the internet.

Square Dance Flyers Using Canva Free Templates:

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer, or a graphic designer who is working freelance, Canva is the best tool for creating dance studio flyers or square dance graphic flyers. The online platform offers tons of free templates that allow you to customize your brochure design to reflect your unique style. You can also choose from various designs and layouts, making it easy to create flyers that perfectly capture the look and feel of your square dance event or theme.

Canva has a large selection of texts and font styles, and its color palette gives you an infinite selection of color options. You can also add text animations if you’re designing a virtual square dance flyer.

Canva makes it simple to add photos, a photo collage, videos, and other content to your flyers. Canva also has a large library of stock photos and videos to choose from. Plus, because everything is stored in one place, you can easily share them with friends and followers on social media for everyone to see. Whether you’re looking for basic templates or something more customized, Canva has what you need to get started creating amazing square-dancing flyers today!

How Can You Create Square Dance Class Flyers Using Canva?

There are two ways that you can create a square dance class flyer, school flyer, or event flyer using Canva. You can use customizable dance flyer templates or start from scratch by using the blank flyer template canvas.

Pre-designed templates

You can use Canva’s square dance flyers templates in digital format to make your flyer in minutes. The templates are available in many different styles and formats, so you can choose the one that fits your needs best. Change the color? Change the Font? Add a white background? All this and more are possible in the design process because the flyer is editable using Canva’s extensive menu on the left sidebar.

Start from scratch

If you want to design a flyer from scratch, you will have several options for creating it. You can choose between professional blank templates or resize the design canvas on your screen to create your flyer with the help of Canva’s editor. You will also be able to add text, images, and other elements to customize your flyer to add your own flair.

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating beautifully themed square dancing club flyers that you can instantly download:

Step 1: Open Canva and Create a Design

Open Canva and click on the “Create a design” button at the top right corner of the screen. You may also use your keyword to search for “Canva dance flyer templates” or “square dance invitations”.

Step 2: Choose Templates

Another option is to create digital square dance flyers for email marketing using “Canva Flyer templates”. You can search hundreds of design templates using this feature to make them look professionally designed. Simply click on “templates” on the left menu bar. You will see there are 8+ template categories available. You can choose what you want.

In my case, I am using the Canva search bar and searching for square dancing flyers.

Image: Square Dance Flyers Template Search Canva

Step 3: Open Your Favorite Square-Dancing Flyer Template

Keep in mind, that after entering your keyword, you will see tons of square dance jamboree flyers with amazing infographics, including Free and Paid.

If you are a free user, then you can choose only the “Free” template. You can do this by scrolling down the left filter menu. You will see the “Price” option; choose the free option from here. Now you will see only free square dance party ideas and flyer templates.

If you have a Canva Pro account, you can have unlimited templates without restriction.

We have chosen the template and are ready to go with our next step.

Image: Square Dance Flyer Template Search Canva

Step 4: Simply Make Changes To What You Want

Now, fill in your information as per your requirements with text, images, and other details required for your flyer. If you want to replace images with videos, simply click on the image and drag your desired video or image onto the selected image in Canva.

Search Video: You can easily search for a square-dancing video in Canva. All you have to do is click on the search box on the left top. Suppose you type “Virtual Square Dance Flyers to Use on Social Media”, then it will show you options to choose from, including photos, videos and graphics. You can simply click on the video and insert it where you want in the editor.

Image ; Before And After Square Dance Flyer Template Design

Step 5: Download Or Share

Once you have completed the design digitally Canva gives you multiple saving and sharing options. These options are all accessed by clicking the ‘Share’ button at the top right of your screen. You can download your design in different formats, including JPG, PNG, an editable PDF, and a single-page web version. This will allow you to upload it to Canva later and make changes without starting over.

Now save the file to your desired location or folder! And share with your audiences who are probably searching for square dancing near you!

You can also print directly through Canva in the ‘Share’ dropdown menu, either on your own printer, or by ordering prints through Canva.

Key Takeaway:

Well, we’ve shown you how easy this can be; you may no longer need to hire an expensive graphic designer or print shop! You can now create a square dance flyer in Canva that you can use to promote your next social event. Whether you want a simple way to promote your dance party or want to create something more elaborate, you can easily create a square dance flyer that’s perfect for your event. Just remember to share it with all your friends so they can join in on the fun!

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