9 Best Places To Promote Your New YouTube Channel In 2022

Promote New YouTube Channel

Starting a new YouTube channel these days is super easy. Anyone with a smartphone or PC can start creating or broadcasting for free. But…how do you get views? How do you get traffic and subscribers to your new YouTube channel, especially if you don’t already have some sort of audience?

Organic traffic is a start, but that can really take a long time to grow. If you really want to turbocharge your reach, you need to promote your channel. Luckily, promoting a new YouTube channel is free (or close to free) using proven methods online.

Whether it’s through social media or your own website, promoting a new YouTube channel has never been easier. Today, I’m going to show you some of the best ways to do this…methods I use myself with great success.

Facebook And Facebook Groups

Anyone that has a Facebook profile can create Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups, and they’re both still currently free to start and manage. A Facebook Page enables you to start branding your new YouTube channel, and start collecting followers as people ‘Like’ your page. Facebook Pages allow you to expand on and share your YouTube videos, and also enable you to run ads on Facebook.

To drive even more engagement, you can start a Facebook Group through your Facebook page. A group is a great place to have conversations with your viewers and fans.


YouTubers who tweet regularly on Twitter can drive real engagement with their brand and channel. Twitter is great because most conversations on there are happening in real-time. People love to stay current on news, entertainment, politics, and sports on Twitter. If you want to be in your viewer’s daily online experience, you need to be promoting your new YouTube channel on Twitter.


Instagram has grown tremendously from its humble beginnings, to eventually being owned by Facebook (now Meta). It’s always been a very visual platform, and lends itself perfectly to promoting your new YouTube channel. And, as a brand, it allows you to create a business profile, giving you access to valuable analytics.


The new kid on the block, Tik Tok, has some very powerful reach. It’s a video-centric platform, so what could be better for growing an audience for your new YouTube channel? Even brand new creators on TikTok have seen really fast growth on the platform.


Often referred to as the ‘front page of the internet’, Reddit has a significant user base and viewership. Subreddits can get really niched down, and you’re very likely to find plenty related to whatever topic your new YouTube channel focuses on. Reddit is a sharing site, and using it to drive traffic usually starts with adding helpful information in the threads related to your topic.


If you want to build a fan base very quickly, the Quora algorithm makes it very easy to do that. Quora is a question-and-answer-based platform, similar in some ways to Reddit, but I think you have better control of your audience there. You can also set up a business page (called a Quora Space) on there, giving you the ability to go a little deeper with promoting your new YouTube channel. By answering questions relevant to your channel topic you can really hone in on the exact fan base you’re looking for.


Posting on Pinterest can be a wise choice because it’s essentially a search engine relying heavily on images. By modifying your YouTube thumbnails and adding the right keywords to your Pinterest Pins, you can drive traffic to your new YouTube channel.


Yes, YouTube itself is a great place to promote your new YouTube channel. With the advent of YouTube #shorts, you can drive more engagement faster to your channel because YouTube has made a big push for #shorts. TikTok made a huge splash with short video content, and YouTube is essentially playing ‘catch-up’, and that benefits you. YouTube also allows you to run ads to promote your videos if you want that option.

Your Own Website

There are plenty of options these days if you want to build a website to promote your new YouTube channel, both free and paid. Videos from your channel can be converted into relevant blog posts, and links to the videos placed right in the posts. This can be a very powerful means of cross-promotion between your channel, your social media properties, and the website itself.

Some Final Thoughts On Promoting Your New YouTube Channel

Every one of the platforms above has its own set of rules for and against self-promotion. Some of these rules are in the TOS (terms of service) but a lot of them are based on a version of etiquette, social media etiquette. On the various platforms members can upvote, downvote, like, dislike whatever it is you’re posting. That can affect your reach, and ultimately, the amount of traffic you can drive to your new YouTube channel.

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